Rhinology Online: Notes, Techniques, and Cases, one of the journals of the European Rhinologic Society, provides a platform for the dissemination of rhinologic research and reviews, as well as position papers, task force reports and guidelines, amongst an international scientific audience.

Rhinology Online : Notes, Techniques, and Cases, is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that accepts original research articles, review articles, clinical studies and case reports in rhinology. It will continue to provide rapid publication which is free and accessible to all and easily searchable with popular tools like Google Scholar and DOAJ. Outstanding original research will be short with articles less than 900 words and ample illustrations, intended to allow for rapid review and digestion. Interesting and unique, well-illustrated case reports will be encouraged as will technical descriptions in the 'how I do it'. And all of this content will be of the highest quality that you have come to expect from a Rhinology publication and at an open access price that is affordable to all, making it an ideal choice for residents and students to submit their content.

Open access publishing enables free access to all content ensuring a wide dissemination of articles; the electronic format and expert peer review allows for very rapid publication. Rhinology Online is an international journal reaching out far beyond the borders of Europe, and invites clinicians and researchers from all countries of the world to contribute.

Articles in Rhinology Online may be transferred from our sister journal, Rhinology. In these cases, authors are encouraged to address the reviewer comments provided by Rhinology and submit their response letter with the transfer of their manuscript to Rhinology Online. In some cases this may be sufficient for the Editor to make a final decision. In other cases, the manuscript along with the response letter will go through the Rhinology Online peer review process.