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Aims and Scope

Rhinology Online (ISSN 2589-5613), one of the journals of the European Rhinologic Society, provides a platform for the dissemination of rhinologic research and reviews, as well as position papers, task force reports and guidelines, amongst an international scientific audience.

Rhinology Online is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that accepts research articles, reviews, study protocols, case histories and special reports in rhinology.

Open access publishing enables free access to all content ensuring a wide dissemination of articles; the electronic format and expert peer review allows for very rapid publication. Rhinology Online is an international journal reaching out far beyond the borders of Europe, and invites clinicians and researchers from all countries of the world to contribute.

EPOS2020 at a reduced price

EPOS2020 at a reduced price

RO Best Paper award

  • Rhinology Online will award the best paper a monetary prize of 2500 euros
  • Papers accepted from 1/1/2020 until 1/8/2021 will be eligible
  • The prize will be awarded during the opening ceremony of ERS2021 in Thessaloniki, september 26th 2021
  • Paper will be published within 2 weeks
  • Submit your paper here